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Monday, October 10, 2005


not much has been happening with me lately really. my life is seeming to get slowly better though i think. i continually find myself happier and happier. i love my friends. derek, sam, ward, tom, mike, chelsea, luke...all of you. sooooo awesome and fun to be around. i havent really done much out of the ordinary, just been chillin with the homies i guess. life is going good though. ive been feeling a lot better and a lot less depressed. not many people have known how sad ive been for the last few months...maybe even year...i was so depressed when i found out how many people were two faced and acted like they were fine around me, then would just make fun of me when i wasnt around. my friends have finally helped me recover though and they dont even know it. im so happy derek is finally derek again. im so happy that me and sam are still so close...hopefully i keep in touch with everyone after this year. i really really hope so.

on a side note i see the craziest/coolest kid ever this friday at his college...ERIK FUCkING SHOOKMAN. we're gonna party like its 1999 and shit. should be an amazing weekend. saturdays going to be awesome too if i make it to the calico show in time. well i probably wont update for a while cuz livejournal isnt nearly as soothing for me now that i have less problems haha. o well i guess. id rather be happy though. peace.

Current mood: happy

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


today i went skateboarding with derek, sam, john, and wardo and it was quite entertaining/fun/awesome to skate as usual. i started out the day with a slightly worn pair of jeans with a one inch hole on the butt. i ended up doing the splits when i landed something and ripped the whole ass of my jeans. now theres a HUGE slit from the middle of my ass to my mid-thigh and then another smaller one in front in the crotch. so basically it was awesome and my jeans are fucked haha.

Current mood: content

Thursday, September 15, 2005


convo with john astle

about brook smith:
jAstle 1 8 7: well cuz shes so FUCKING HOTT
CromTawford: lmao
CromTawford: she wont be in 2 years i bet
jAstle 1 8 7: yeah
CromTawford: shes gained a lot of weight in the last two years
jAstle 1 8 7: pregnant from me
jAstle 1 8 7: well shes gona gain sum when i slip it in

i think i love this kid.

Current mood: amused

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

10:05PM - scene whore

im addicted to myspace after only 4 days of adding friends and shit...fuck...

Current mood: blank

Sunday, September 4, 2005


so...just finished watching the virgin suicides...pretty sweet...

Current mood: bored

Friday, September 2, 2005


cant decide if i want to go to homecoming or not...hmmmm....

Current mood: sleepy

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


once upon a time, in a place not far from here... mr. erik t. shookman and a young man named thomas crawford ingested some magical mushrooms. they had a merry time. everything was wonderful. they were so happy that they found themselves rolling around in grass and finding out for themselves how beautiful the world really is. they were filled with so much happiness that they could not contain themselves! they found themselves filled with wonder while staring up at the beautiful shapes the clouds formed.

mr. erik t. shookman suggested going for a walk, and so the two of them set out on a journey, and they found some wonderful things along the way. while passing through a large field of grass the boys found themselves standing on top of a giant hill that seemed to have a magical presence within, so thomas and mr. shookman payed homage to the hill and continued with their journey.

they soon found themselves standing in a ocean of black. the boys had never noticed how big this particular ocean actually was until this the moment they stepped foot in it. the boys loved the ocean and found it to be quite wonderful, but they decided to move onward.

they eventually started walking down a path upon which they found a most peculiar sight...a person, no bigger than three feet tall coming towards them. the boys were so shocked by the stature of this person they had to rub their eyes to make sure they were not being decieved.the boys walked quickly to try and avoid contact by this tiny being and somehow managed to succeed.

mr. erik t. shookman then pointed out they had reached the end of their journey by the sight of a young man simply named wong. the boys climed into wong's vehicle and were escorted away to a strange land called narkopolis.

before the boys reached this strange land, they began to feel that the magic was fading from them. they began to reflect on how beautiful the magic had been and began talking to friends that they eventually encountered at narkopolis. one of these friends was the wonderful chelsea. as the boys conversed with chelsea they talked about the magic the mushrooms had put inside their bodies, the wonder they experienced, and the journey they had just taken.

all of a sudden as thomas was looking upon chelsea and watched as half of her face melted off. it was then that thomas realized that the wonder of the magical mushrooms had just begun...

Current mood: artistic

Sunday, August 28, 2005


went to visit keith and doug for a little bit yesterday before i headed to u of i. it was pretty chill while i was there, but the party afterwards i bet was sweet. anyway i went to u of i to see wong and randy. it was sweet. drunk people everywhere. white russians. fun shit.

*edit: new sn= CromTawford....IM me for a good time

Current mood: bored

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


art portfolio is going to kick major ass and thats all i got to say about that...

Current mood: blank

Monday, August 22, 2005


two days left til school starts and i cant fucking wait.

Current mood: bored

Saturday, August 20, 2005


aight bitches. my schedule reads like such:
semestre uno
0-speech H(some ox bitch)
1-art portfolio(crazy alice nieukirk)
2-econ H (d-bag stevens)
3-world lit 1H (dumb bitch reiser)
4-psyc 1(tennis-fag krostal)
5-world civ H(reem-job)
6-math 4(mrs "a.d.d." cassulo)
semestre dos
1-art portfolio
2- aps (sparks)
3-writing for college (scott)
4-psyc 2(tfk)
5-world civ H(reem-job)
6-math 4(a.d.d.)

tomorrow i plan on having sex...

with nark for throwing a hopefully kickass party!!!

Current mood: content

Saturday, August 13, 2005


the "end of summer bash" out at james knowles' lake house was pretty much awesome as fuck. everyone was drunk, but not many people stayed which always upsets me because i HATE drunk driving...especially from people i care about...i had some good talks with some good friends. i saw dereks brother which was awesome. and it was also awesome to see jaclyn, werner, ding, zobes, and pretty much everyone there again. it was all the sweet people from my physics class that i fell in love with and loved being around. the only two bad things that happened were the fucking INSANE amount of bugbites and alcohol getting stolen. other than that it was off the chain...stupidity, chick fights, girls threeway kissing, everything u could ask for almost.

tonight i went to tom2's bonfire and had a pretty good time. it was the usual clique and it was pretty chill. we had a big poker game and i got really pissed by the outcome...i got second. fuck second. i had two pair at the turn and was all in with randy who had just one pair...then he caught a his other card making him have a higher two pair then me on the fucking river...i got jewed...fucking $30...god damnit...fuck shit cockass fucktard bitch asshole...thats a whole fucking 8th...o well i guess...

Current mood: pissed off

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


this is retarded...its 3am and im still awake yet im not drunk or outside...what...the...fuck??!!!

Current mood: aggravated

Monday, August 8, 2005


goin back to my fav/the funny/semi-ironic journal title...

things to do tomorrow:
1. call at least three people i havent hardly seen/talked to all summer
2. hang out with shookman
3. wash dishes
4. get the fuck out of work asap(aka washing dishes)
5. chill

Current mood: on my period

Saturday, August 6, 2005


found out more people are talking shit about me. sweeeeeeeeeeet. haha.

Current mood: decent

Friday, August 5, 2005


last night was pretty cool. not gonna lie. chilled. sweetness.

Current mood: chipper

Tuesday, August 2, 2005


wow...paria was amazing...i had my jaw dropped their whole set. bll was awesome as well as arailius. i somehow missed ANALog and then opw was ok i guess...they never play loud enough...but ya. paria was fucking outstanding as usual. these last few days have been quite cool suprisingly. ive enjoyed myself for once.

ps. i get paid today suckas! fucks yeah!

Current mood: content

Thursday, July 28, 2005


school is definately getting closer and closer. hopefully i make some new friends but i dont think ill have a problem with that. especially with work and all. ive already made quite a few new friends and gotten to know quite a few people better there too. i went to the mall today with sam barlow and mattie connor. it was pretty fun i have to admit...i got some clothes too which is always cool i guess. i dont have to work saturday, so im hoping to have a good three days off(sat, sun, and mon)...

shows...friday should be sweet even though i have to work. ill probably only get to see one or two bands, but its not like it matters since nehemiahs last...monday will also be sweet. the whole lineup is rockin. fucking paria, analog, arailius, bll, opw, and fucking ORNA ANNON. so basically its a METAL AS FUCK SHOW.

Current mood: content

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


last night i did something great. i got high and watched the "Eddy" episode of "Home Movies"...it was to say the least amazing.

Current mood: sarcastic

Saturday, July 23, 2005


for some reason i got really really upset tonight and just started driving. i drove for around an hour just thinking and mulling stuff over in my head. i was pissed. i was sad. i was suprised almost at how much i learned about myself. i feel as though i cant find someone that i just straight up connect with.

i realized that ive never really had a connection with anyone ive ever wanted to be with. im always the grey area. im the person everyone seems to blur out of the picture or just ignore. everyone else gets a smile, a handshake, a hello, or whatever. i almost dont even get acknowleged.

i can face the reality of this, but it just bugs me that i only have one year left in this god-forsaken town to have fun with my life and not be depressed about never finding a true friend, girlfriend, shoulder to cry on, or whatever else i've constantly been searching for. the chances keep getting slimmer and slimmer...and with each passing year i pin up a little more anger and a little more sadness. i hate it, but i cant help it.

chemistry...what is it? how the fuck does it happen? its strange how important it is though...3 years of busting my ass to find someone new and nothing. nothing. nothing. always...i guess i've just got to keep my head up and hope for the best. this year is probably going to be the saddest year of high school for me, and ive got to start getting ready to face it.

Current mood: discontent

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